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Sell with Us

In a Nutshell

We're all about good deals at great prices and are constantly looking for exciting products, fun things to do, awesome getaway deals or whatever else you have to offer all our customers.

This is why you should partner up with us.


No Up Front Cost

There are no charges for running a deal on We promote your deal through our network building awareness for your brand, driving new foot traffic through your door. There are absolutely no hidden costs ever!  


Custom Promotions

Work with one of our experienced Deal Managers. We will design a promotion to suit your specific needs and share your offer through our channels.



Leverage our extensive digital network to drive sales and build awareness. Access thousands of South African customers through our website marketing and social media platforms.


Performance Report



Step 1

The First Step is to contact us with your offer.

An email is all it takes and one of our Deal Managers will be in touch.

Contact Us if you would like our customers to discover your amazing offers. 



Step 2 

We Work Together! 

Don't stress if you don't know what kind of deal you want to run, one of our Deal Managers will work with you to create a customized deal to suit your business needs. We have a wide variety of options to suit most needs.

Strategically launch an offer to sell distress stock and gain new customers for life.

If you provide a service launch an offer to fill capacity during non-peak times. 



Step 3 

This is how we do it!

After your deal has been finalized we promote your deal in a view different ways to ensure the maximum exposure to all our customers.

The first weapon in our arsenal is our Daily Deals email send out to our Database. This alone would be sufficient, but we don't stop there. Your deal gets featured on all our social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 


Step 4 

Our customers Love Awesome Deals. 

Our customers love finding great deals and it all depends on how the deal gets structured.  If it's a great deal our customers will buy it.


 Step 5

Congrats! Customers are Redeeming their vouchers. 

Aren't you happy that you partnered up with us? 

Customers will Redeem their voucher bought on ForRealDeals site and you will have an influx of new business.



Step 6 

Those Customers just Keep on Comming!

One of the best parts of working with is that not only do you sell some products or services, but you gain new customers for life who would otherwise never know about you.


Step 7 

Merchants Payment & Analytics 

The merchant receives all their money for vouchers redeemed, and we provide analytics about your customer.



Step 8 

Now that we know what works, let's do it again.

Rinse and repeat - Run more deals!




Not finding what you are looking for? Please contact us


How do I get my business featured on

Contact Us and one of our account managers will be in touch as soon as possible.

It's that simple.

How much does charge?

We take a percentage cut from each voucher and you get the rest.

Who will see my Deals?
How do I decide what offer to run?
When can people first redeem their vouchers?
I’m a small operator. Can I determine or cap the number of coupons I sell per deal?
What happens if my allocation runs out before the deal time period is over?
Can I target specific areas in which to run my deal?
How do you structure your payments to the merchant?
What type of performance report do I get during and after the deal has run?
What happens to unredeemed vouchers?