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5 Gummy Rashers - Bacon Flavour - For Real Deals

5 Gummy Rashers - Bacon Flavour

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Bacon! *mouths drools like Homer Simpson's when he thinks of donuts*

Sorry, we lost our composure there because bacon is delicious, the smell, the texture, the taste, it is just perfection in a packet. We honestly didn't think that bacon could possibly get any better until we saw this!

*Que angelic music*

Behold, the glorious invention that is the gummy bacon! Now you can finally carry around bacon and it won't be weird, because apparently carrying around cooked bacon in your bag is really weird, phew.

This 5 pack of 25g gummy bacon is great as a funny novelty gift and will have the recipient laughing with appreciation and maybe a hint of confusion. The pink packaging with pigs on and bubble writing makes it visually pleasing and the rashers of bacon make good snacks when you need to tame that bacon urge.


  • Fruit gum bacon flavour 5 x 25g
  • Perfect for birthdays, weddings, mothers day, fathers day, bacon day, any day
  • Contains gelatine
  • Fun novelty gift


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